A few months after the initial release of Space Fighters, I decided that the state I left Space Fighters in wasn't adequate and that Space Fighter's community deserved more than what they have received, so I decided to scrap the old project entirely and rewrite the entire game from scratch.

During the time span of one and a half months I rewrote every detail of Space Fighters from scratch. It did occur to me that there was the possibility that Space Fighters was truly forgotten by it's community and that I would be wasting one and a half months working on a big update no one will bother playing.

None the less I persisted simply because Space Fighters meant something special to me- and still does, it is my first game published on Steam and growing up, playing lots of video games, that's always been my ambition, to make a video game and publish it on Steam.

Still to this day, the fact that I have my own game on Steam is a great source of pride for me, despite the playerbase around the game having died down over the months.